Graham Swamp East MTB Trailhead0

5136 Colbert Ln.Palm CoastFlorida, USA

This spot is a fun 5.5-mile one-way loop. The first mile and a half will test your skill and lung power. The trail is flowy singletrack with lots of short, steep climbs and descents. There are some easy bypasses but it may not be recommended for beginners. The swamp will show its teeth without a recent rain. The surface of the trail is mostly soft sand or crushed shells. The climbs are short and technical, and are usually followed by short, steep, rocky descents. This is not for beginners but is a great challenge for intermediate riders, while still offering fun for advanced riders. There are some jumps and drops, but all can easily be rolled over without leaving the ground. There is also a small section with a few steep ladder bridges that take you over large rocks. A hardtail will work well on this trail, but some descents can get rough. XC bikes will not be suited to the steep descents. To get to the parking area, follow Colbert Lane until you see a dirt path leading to a gravel parking lot. The trail is well-marked so you shouldn’t get lost. If you follow a dirt road left from the parking lot, you'll find a few small jumps and log skinnies to practice on. The jumps can also be pumped or used as gaps for you to clear.


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