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971-999 Ohlinger Rd.Babson ParkFlorida, USA

This 525-acre property is Polk County's second-largest lake. Crooked Lake Prairie is a terrific place to come whether you like to fish, hike, or take pictures. The first route leads to a magnificent overlook of Crooked Lake, while the second loops into the scrubs, where you can seek for Florida scrub-jays. You can enjoy fishing on the shoreline and observe the beautiful nature. Two hiking trails help you experience this pristine preserve. One leads to a scenic viewing area overlooking Crooked Lake, and the other traverses the scrub community. Lake View Trail — (0.4 miles, Easy, No Shade) A leisurely walk brings you to a boardwalk that traverses a marsh on the edge of Crooked Lake. Stop to rest at the seating area on the boardwalk and enjoy the view. Scrub Trail — (1.6 mile loop, Moderate, Some Shade) This trail meanders through scrub and scrubby flatwoods. Follow the painted blazes and posts as the trail winds through the open, sandy terrain of a classic scrub habitat. At about the halfway mark, there's a bench perfect for taking a break.

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