Quinn Strong ParkFree

345 Maitland AvenueAltamonte SpringsFlorida, USA

Quinn Strong Park, in the heart of Maitland, is a calm, well-kept park available daily from 8 a.m. until sunset, with the exception of specific holidays. This park is home to the Maitland Senior Center, as well as the Packwood Ave. location of the Maitland Art and History Center (including the beautifully renovated Germaine Marvel Building). Other site amenities include a rentable wedding gazebo, picnic areas, open space and benches.

Sunday8:00:00 AMSunset
Monday8:00:00 AMSunset
Tuesday8:00:00 AMSunset
Wednesday8:00:00 AMSunset
Thursday8:00:00 AMSunset
Friday8:00:00 AMSunset
Saturday8:00:00 AMSunset
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