Skydive DeLandAdmission varies (Call for Details)

1600 Flight Line Boulevard Mustang Pointe Aerodrome CondoDeLandFlorida, USA

Skydive DeLand was founded in 1982 and has since gained a reputation as a world-class training facility for world-class skydivers of all levels, from novices to world champions. Skydive DeLand and its team of world-class instructors offer two different first jump alternatives. You can start with a tandem leap or jump directly into our AFF (advanced freefall training) program. Both of these training approaches were invented right here in DeLand and are used all over the world. Skydive DeLand is open year-round, seven days a week. There are savings for groups. For further information, please call.

Sunday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Monday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Tuesday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Wednesday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Thursday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Friday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Saturday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM

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