West Beach ParkFree

1215 Lake Minneola DriveClermontFlorida, USA

Between the bike path (S. Lake Trail) and Lake Minneola, there is a small strip of land known as West Beach Park. The playground is small, but it's a lot of fun. It's fenced in, with small wooden benches arranged in a square beneath some trees. A small fishing pier can be found around the corner, hidden behind a building.

Sunday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Monday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Tuesday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Wednesday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Thursday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Friday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Saturday6:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
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